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Maureen Ash

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    Books In Classes: [Mystery]
    Books In Genres: [Historical]
    Books In Database: 3

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Bibliography - Fiction Books by Maureen Ash

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     Templar Knights Historical Mysteries

Book Series : Templar Knights Historical Mysteries

- 13th Century Historical Mysteries

# 3 A Plague of Poison  (2009)   304 pp.
     Mystery   Historical    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB
# 2 Death of a Squire  (2008)   256 pp. [4 paws]   
     Mystery   Historical    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB
Reviews Available by:     [Webspinner - RAM]     [Kathy Langdon]
Comment: Late in the autumn of 1200 AD, a squire's body is found hanging from a tree deep in the forest. Bascot, an escaped Templar, is assigned the task of finding the killer.
# 1 The Alehouse Murders  (2007)   288 pp.
     Mystery   Historical    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB

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