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Residence: New Zealand

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Bibliography - Fiction Books by Cat Collins


Sleeping Dragons  (2005)   365 pp.
     Romance   Fantasy   Dragons   Magic   Supernatural    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada HC
Reviews Available by:     [Harriet Klausner]
Comment: Debut Novel
Book Description / Blurb

Jenna Wade is a cool, aloof, self-contained woman, definitely not the type to fall easily for any man. Yet, she finds herself doing just that when an injured stranger is admitted to the ICU where she works. Crossing her own social taboos and violating Cael's deeply ingrained cultural conditioning, she takes advantage of him while he lies semi-conscious in her bed - resulting in an irreversible Empathic bonding and setting in motion a series of events that find her transported from her isolated existence into the completely different reality of Camarrhan, a parallel world of magic. Cael, the man she saved from certain death, is one of the land's gifted Empaths. Having "stolen" his bond, Jenna finds herself permanently entangled in Cael's life. Cael, angry and betrayed, tries to ignore the inexorable pull of the Dragon's bond. Together with Cael's Wayfinder, Verra, and his bondbrother, Telsen, the couple find themselves in a battle to save the magics of Camarrhan. And unless Cael can conquer his resistance to Jenna, her future - and the future of Camarrhan - may be grim indeed.

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