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E. V. Cunningham

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Author Information for E. V. Cunningham

Real Name: Howard Melvin Fast
Deceased: Mar 12, 2003

Comment: Pen name of Howard Fast. In 1950, he was jailed for 3 months by the House Un-American Activities Committee for contempt of Congress.

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    Books In Classes: [Mystery]
    Books In Genres: [Police Procedural]
    Books In Database: 7
Obituary : Washington Post Obituary

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Bibliography - Fiction Books by E. V. Cunningham

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     Masao Masuto

Book Series : Masao Masuto

- Private Investigator
- Region: CA: LA Basin Urban

# 7 The Case of the Murdered MacKenzie  (1984)
     Mystery   Police Procedural
# 6 The Case of the Kidnapped Angel  (1982)
     Mystery   Police Procedural
# 5 The Case of the Sliding Pool  (1981)
     Mystery   Police Procedural
# 4 The Case of the Poisoned Eclairs  (1979)
     Mystery   Police Procedural
# 3 The Case of the Russian Diplomat  (1978)
     Mystery   Police Procedural
# 2 The Case of the One Penny Orange  (1977)
     Mystery   Police Procedural
# 1 The Case of the Angry Actress  (1967)
     Mystery   Police Procedural

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