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D. F. Jones

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Author Information for D. F. Jones (1917-1981)

Real Name: Dennis Feltham Jones

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    Books In Classes: [Science Fiction]
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Bibliography - Fiction Books by D. F. Jones

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     Colossus, The Forbin Project

Book Info

Bound in Time  (1981)
     Science Fiction
Earth has been found  (1979)
     Science Fiction
Denver is missing  (1971)
     Science Fiction
Implosion  (1967)
     Science Fiction

Book Series : Colossus, The Forbin Project

- Master Computer created to take over defense becomes master of the world

# 3 Colossus and the Crab  (1977)
     Science Fiction    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB
# 2 The Fall Of Colossus  (1974)
     Science Fiction    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada HC
# 1 Colossus  (1966)
     Science Fiction   Movie Related    Amazon US PB    Amazon Canada PB
Comment: Basis for the 1968 TV movie, "Colossus, The Forbin Project"

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