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Symbol legend is at bottom
Louis Sachar [2000]
Susan Saunders [2002]
Sandra Scoppettone [2006]
Barbara A. Scott
Larry Segriff [2006]
Josepha Sherman [2005]
Will Shetterly [2002]
Sharon Shinn [2006]
Neal Shusterman [2002]
Marc Simmons [2004]
Alexander McCall Smith [2010]
Dean Wesley Smith [2007]
Lemony Snicket [2002]
Midori Snyder [2000]
S. P. Somtow [2003]
[paw] Mickey Spillane [2002]
Robert Spiller [2007]
Stephanie Spinner [2002]
Nancy Springer [2002]
Mary Stanton [2012]
Wendy Corsi Staub [2011]
Barbara Steiner [2002]
Caroline Stevermer [2006]
Paul Stewart [2004]
Sean Stewart [2004]
H. William Stine [1991]
Megan Stine [1991]
R. L. Stine [2005]
G. H. Stone [1990]
Brad Strickland [2002]
Whitley Strieber [2001]
Mark Sumner [1999]
Lucy Sussex [1999]
S. C. Sykes [1987]

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[New Author] = New Author
[UPDATED] = Updated Author
[paw] = webspinner favorite
[Star] = David's favorite
[2010] - Latest year for which Author has books released or reprinted. Please note that an older book being reprinted will set this value so it does NOT always mean that there is a book with this copyright year.
Note:  If an author's name is not marked with a [paw] or [Star] it does not mean we dislike them... The marked authors are simply some of our favorites...
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