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John Hamilton Lewis

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Homepage : http://www.johnhamiltonlewis.com/lewis/

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Bibliography - Fiction Books by John Hamilton Lewis


Samsara  (2003)   287 pp.
     Mystery    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada HC
Basha  (2001)   301 pp.
     Mystery   Thriller   Terrorists   Ethnic    Amazon US PB    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada PB    Amazon Canada HC
Reviews Available by:     [Jeff Kreider - RAM]
"Suffice it to say, it has a WOW ending. It's easily my best read of the year!" - Jeff Kreider - RAM
Opal Eye Devil  (2000)   302 pp.
     Mystery   Thriller   Ethnic    Amazon US HC    Amazon Canada HC
Location: Shanghai, China
"Opal Eye Devil is the first novel from John Hamilton Lewis and is wonderful! It is set during the Boxer Rebellion in Shanghai at the beginning of the last century. It's not quite an epic, but the introduction does begin about 1887 and then jumps to 1900. Our hero is involved in trade between England and China. The world is slowly turning from coal to oil and these guys are right in the middle of it. A great thriller. But, probably more significant, is John's sense of period and sense of place. I really had a feeling of being there. I haven't had such a "sense of culture", history and place since I read Shogun. I had a chance to talk with John at the signing where I picked up the book. He spent a great number of years living and working in China, so he has certainly knows the terrain." - Jeff Kreider - RAM

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