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Book Review: HYBRID - The Conversation Continues

Reviewed By: Ellen George

[5 stars]

HYBRID - The Conversation Continues     Amazon US TPB Amazon Canada TPB
Louise Rose Aveni
Class/Genre:   Science Fiction
Triad Publishing Group

Louise Rose Aveni is an amazing writer - She writes a gorgeous children's book, There's an Angel in my Closet, and a masterful story about ET's and their messages. Lupo: Conversations with an ET introduced us to Stephan, a boy in Italy who has conversations with a wolf he calls Lupo - These close encounters continue as Stephan is adopted by an American couple (the Wolfs!) and as Stephan grows up, he realizes that these ET's have the message of peace, and want the awareness of taking care of our planet and those in the galaxy to be spread. The term Hybrid is a person whose origin was in another world and placed as a human to pass awareness and learning onto others.

In Hybrid, a grown Stephan and his wife, Liz, another Hybrid, continue their journey of discovery. The Galactic Federation works with Stephan to make Earth aware it is time for us to wake up and be one people - one planet -

Liz works with young children, particularly one girl with psychic abilities and whose encounters with ET's are more amazing than Stephan and Liz's own experiences - and that's saying a lot!

Sedona Arizona is almost another character in the books. It is an energy center of the Earth that is conducive to communication and interaction with the metaphysical. It's beauty is beyond imagination. The Native Americans who have always been attuned with the Earth and the possibilities of communication with other entities play an important role also.

And what happens is an amazing encounter of epic proportions. Hybrid is one of the most dazzling books I have read in a long time.

The cover of the book is one of the most beautiful covers I've seen - It shows an ET and ties the cover of Lupo together into one fantastic statement - you know by looking at this cover you will be taken literally out of this world.

This series will make you think. This series will touch your heart. It will make you aware - it is time for us to wake up and start thinking in terms of one planet - one people - and we need to turn things around and start taking care of our own backyard.

Because they are watching us. And hoping we do the right thing. Hybrid: The Conversation Continues will take you sky high.

Ellen George

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