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Book Review: Death at Windsor Castle

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

Death at Windsor Castle     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
C. C. Benison
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Cozy   Humorous
Series: Jane Bee # 3
Bantam, Aug 1998, $15.99, 400 pp.

Four years ago, Canadian Jane Bee was touring Europe when she ran out of cash. Instead of returning home, Jane responded to an ad for a maid. Jane was hired as the newest member of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's household staff. Though cleaning after the rich and famous is as boring as cleaning after one's self, Jane livens up her life by solving murder mysteries at the various royal castles.

Since it is Ascot Week, the royals have assembled at Windsor Castle to watch the races and the induction of two new members to the Knights of the Garter. However, on the day of the ceremony, Roger Pettibone, assigned to the royal art collection, is dead from a daggar thrust into his back. Victor Fabiana, a portrait artist hired to paint HRM confesses that he killed the man. However, Jane uncovers evidence that suggests Victor is protecting the real killer. Additionally, the victim had many enemies, who wanted him dead. It is up to Jane and the Queen to uncover the identity of the culprit so that justice can be served.

C.C. Benison is becoming well known and liked for her popular Jane Bee mysteries that reflect the English royal family in a kinder, gentler, and more humorous light than the media typically does. The author recognizes that these are humans who are not totally saints or sinners, thereby adding a believable ambiance to a terrific story line. Readers will enjoy touring Windsor Castle with guide Jane Bee, whose latest entry, DEATH AT WINDSOR CASTLE, and her previous novels bring dignity and a good read to the royal English cozy.

Harriet Klausner

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