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Book Review: Faith Without Doubt

Reviewed By: Catherine Thompson - RAM

[4 stars]

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Anna Blundy
Class/Genre:   Fiction   Mystery   Romance   Adventure   Woman Main Character   Thriller
Review; $24.95 trade paperback; 282 pages

Faith Zanetti, war correspondent, is in the thick of it. She’s in Baghdad, and the allied forces of America and Britain have just invaded. Faith loves this: the heat, the adrenaline, the stories.

What she’s not prepared for is Joshua F. Klein, American weapons inspector. Or is he? In any case, he’s got the stories she wants, and more. Faith’s falling hard and fast for this green-eyed charmer, a man closer to her late father’s age than hers. The middle of a war zone is no place for infatuation—or even love. Klein’s hiding things, and Faith wants to know what they are. Along with fat photographer Don McCaughrean, her hard-as-nails pal Carly Posner, and her on-off lover Eden Jones, Faith goes after every story she can—and some she shouldn’t.

Faith Without Doubt isn’t quite what I expected. I expected some sort of mystery in there. The only mystery was where’s the mystery? Mostly the book is an account of one woman’s spiral into post-traumatic stress syndrome. All right, there’s a crime committed, but not until the end of the book, and there’s no mystery to it. It’s a good read, but not really a piece of crime fiction. I find this peculiar, since the first in the series, The Bad News Bible, most definitely contains strong crime elements. Maybe the mystery is, does Blundy want to write crime fiction, or does she merely want to write about war correspondents?

Catherine Thompson - RAM

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