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Book Review: Angels and Demons

Reviewed By: Jaynie - Australia

[4.5 stars]

Angels and Demons     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
Dan Brown
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Thriller   Apocalyptic Fiction
Pocket Books, 430 pages/ $24.95

Robert Langdon is a Professor of Religious Iconology at Harvard University and has written three books on symbology. Having these things on his resume makes him the obvious choice to receive an early morning phone call from the President of CERN, Maximilian Kohler. One of Kohlers scientists has been murdered and a symbol was burnt onto his flesh as he died. Leonardo Vetra was no ordinary scientist; he was also a Priest working on the discovery of a lifetime. Robert is flown to CERNs Swiss research facility to look at the body and give Kohler an idea of who the murderer is. The symbol belongs to an ancient and secret brotherhood of scientists who are sworn to gain vengeance on their evil foe the Catholic Church.

The search for the Brotherhood of the Illuminati leads Robert and his companion Vittoria Vetra, daughter of the murdered man, to the Vatican in Rome. The Pope is recently dead, and the Cardinals have gathered to elect one of their number to the Papal office. The voting is interrupted when the four favourites are kidnapped by the Illuminati, and it is announced a bomb is in the Vatican ready to destroy the Church forever. Robert and Vittoria must decode some ancient scripts in order to try and find the Cardinals before they are murdered and stop the biggest explosion Rome has ever seen.

Dan Brown takes us on a roller coaster action ride with a couple of unusual heroes. The subject matter is fascinating as Brown weaves religion and science in a way it can never be tied together in real life. The ideology behind the story is sure to either offend or encourage Catholics and Scientists alike. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Brown throws in a twist which disarms the reader and throws you in a different direction. The ending will both surprise and alarm. I highly recommend this book which comes before the now controversial The Da Vinchi Code.

Jaynie - Australia

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