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Book Review: Wyrmhole

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[4.5 stars]

Wyrmhole     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Jay Caselberg
Class/Genre:   Science Fiction
Roc, Oct 2003, $5.99, 320 pp.

In the distant future, humanity lives in domed areas the size of cities that are bioorganic, self-perpetuating structures. The rich live in the newest areas and the not so wealthy reside in the old section that will disintegrate in a decade or so. Jack Stein, a former black ops agent, works as a physic detective, a person with the gift of psychometry and the ability to find clues in his dreams.

Outreach Industries, a very powerful and wealthy corporation, hires Jack to learn what happened to the miners on Daril III who disappeared without a trace. A lover of one of the lost miners works in the home office of Outreach. Hhe gives Jack the missing Miner’s hand held computer. It is password protected so he goes to someone who can crack the code. When he returns, the person is dead, the eleven-year-old child who was staying there goes home with Jack and the police pay him a visit. There is obviously more going on than some missing miners and the conspiracy of silence coaxes Jack to keep tying to solve the case.

Fans of futuristic crime thrillers like J.D. Robb’s Death series will definitely enjoy WYRMHOLE. The protagonist is a complex man who wears blinders until he is forced to take them off and see the world as it really is (sort of like the Matrix but more mental than physical illusion). Once he does that, the audience sees his inner strength and moral compass emerge and appreciate the man he has become. Science fiction fans and readers who like private investigator talesm, especially those who apreciate a strong convergence, will enjoy this futuristic urban noir.

Harriet Klausner

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