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Book Review: Dead Game

Reviewed By: Pat Reid - RAM

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[5 stars]

Dead Game     Amazon US TPB Amazon Canada TPB
Jennifer Chase
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Thriller   Woman Main Character   Serial Killer
Series: Emily Stone # 2
Outskirts Press, Inc., 2010, 376 Pages

Emily Stone quit her job with the police department to pursue her specialty. Emily has a unique ability to capture child abductors. Rick Lopez is an ex-police detective that has joined her as both lover and partner. The pair are living on their savings and using their time to watch for Amber Alerts and try to find whoever has gone missing. Dead Game takes the two away from the hunt for child abductors and into the world of high-tech video games and a hunt for a serial killer.

Rick receives a call from Derek McGraw. Derekís Uncle Milt is dead. Milt was Rickís mentor and training officer when he first applied at various police departments. Rick and Emily immediately leave to attend Miltís funeral.

Derek informs Rick that Miltís case has been closed and ruled as an accident but Derek is not convinced. Rick and Emily agree to stick around and see if they can find out any information about Miltís death. Although Miltís death has been ruled accidental, Rick begins to think Milt's death might be connected to a current spree of deaths at the hands of a serial killer. The only connection between the victims is the fact that they are involved in playing EagleEye, a high-tech computer game. Derek McGraw helped develop EagleEye for GAMECO, Inc., a video game company.

Rick is determined to find out exactly what happened to Milt and why but his determination puts everyone in danger including Emily, Derek and his best friend Jordan. Dead Game is a thriller that brings back Emily Stone and Rick Lopez who first appeared in the book Compulsion and introduces new and exciting characters.

Pat Reid - RAM

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