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Book Review: No Mercy

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[4.5 stars]

No Mercy     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
S. E. Chase
Class/Genre:   Mystery
Pinnacle, Jun 2001, $6.99, 429 pp.

Taking her six-year old son Jimmy with her, Gwen Ameil left her drunk of a husband in Long Island to hide in Sohegan, New York. Once an antique storeowner, Gwen is happy to wait on tables at the Mecca Diner. First Nick Lawrence and then his wife Priscilla offer her a job as a nanny to their infant child Tess. Though the pay is quite good and the hours better, the health insurance is what sells Gwen on taking the job.

However, Gwen is not prepared for the battleground that the Lawrence home feels like as Priscilla and Nick seem always at odds. When someone murders Priscilla and abducts Tess, the local law enforcement officials lean towards the new au pair as the killer. Although Nick seems to support Gwen's cries of innocence, she wonders who can she really trust, including him. Adding to her fears is the return of her spouse seeking to reclaim his son.

NO MERCY is an exciting suspense thriller that leaves no prisoners. Although the story line starts slowly in order to introduce the key cast members, once the plot takes off it never looks back. The key to the tale is the characters, especially Gwen, who must feel like Job, getting it from all sides and then a few more angles beyond that. Still, the intrepid heroine does not idly sit back waiting for things to happen to her and her son as she fights back with all she has. Readers will chase after more novels by S.E. Chase.

Harriet Klausner

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