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Book Review: The James Deans

Reviewed By: Shirley - RAM

[5 stars]

The James Deans     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Reed Farrel Coleman
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Hard Boiled
Series: Moe Prager # 3

You open the large enticingly wrapped box and inside, another wrapped box, and inside that...This is the package that is a Reed Coleman book.

Moe Prager is one of my favorite reluctant detectives. Curiosity pulls at him as family responsibilities hold him back. In this book set in 1983 Moe allows himself to be pressured into investigating the disappearance of a woman. Solving the mystery will remove the shadow from her employer, a bright young politician.

Moe finds the answer, but perhaps it is too pat. He feels compelled to dig further until finally he has the real answer, not the one everyone wanted.

If you havenąt read Moe before, start with the first, Walking the Perfect Square. Although this book will stand alone, knowing the backstory will enhance your enjoyment.

Shirley - RAM

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