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Book Review: Artemis Fowl

Reviewed By: Jennifer Jordan

[4.5 stars]

Artemis Fowl     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Eoin Colfer
Class/Genre:   Fantasy   Mystery   Young Adult
Series: Artemis Fowl # 1
2003 Hyperion Press $7.99 paperback/277 pages Teens Fantasy

This is Eoin Colfers debut book in a series featuring the antagonistic antagonist Artemis Fowl. Artemis is super smart and unfailingly evil in intention. No Harry Potter living under the stairs and certainly not a Spy Kid, his conscience annoys him instead of ruling him. He has something to prove to the crime world that spawned him and is restless enough to do something about it. His way with languages, codes and cartography perplexes all that have tried to unknot the vast workings of his brain. With his father, Artemis Fowl I, missing in action and his mother wallowing in the depths of depression, Artemis is left to his own dastardly devices. With Butler, the butler, at as his side he has set out on a quest to take up where his father has left off...

Artemis Fowl has a foul plan for a cunning caper. As the last in a long line of the legendary Fowl crime family, twelve year old mastermind Artemis is determined to regain family fortune and infamy and sees only one way to do it. He intends to capture a fairy and hold her ransom for the renowned fairy pot of gold. Artemis is no fool. In fact, he is genius. But one thing the overly clever Fowl mind hasnt taken into account is the impishness of the fairy he has chosen to fairynap. Holly Short isnt just any fairy. Shes an elf. And, not just any elf. She is Captain of the LEPrecon (or Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance). Hot on his heels is Commander Root, Hollys senior officer and Artemis Fowls biggest obstacle. With technology far beyond anything Artemis anticipates, the elves are a lot of trouble for this troubled boy.

Artemis Fowl is a superb mix of fantasy, hi-tech tools, folklore, military hijinks, humor and lots of fun. Colfer moves deftly from gadgets to historical references, and from action to more action. The plot moves quickly and the characters stick in your mind as Root tracks Holly down and Artemis glowers in frustration. A very entertaining read for teenagers and fantasy lovers.

Jennifer Jordan

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