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Book Review: Trading Places

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[4.5 stars]

Trading Places     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Ruth Jean Dale
Class/Genre:   Romance
Harlequin, Jun 2001, $4.50, 298 pp.

Notorious glamour queen Sharlayne shakes up high society when she announces plans to write her memoirs. However, Sharlayne tells her publisher Lindon Wilbert that U.S. Eye muckraker Gina Godfrey will not allow her the peace and quiet needed to complete her autobiography. Lindon is more worried that one or more of his client’s ex-husbands or even the "family" members of one dead husband might object. He believes it is a possibility that Sharlayne will be fitted for cement shoes to get their way.

To buy her time, Sharlayne informs employee Alice Wynn that she will impersonate her. To insure no one gets close enough to see Alice masquerade as Sharlayne, Lindon hires Jed Kelby of S.J. Slade Insurance Agency as a bodyguard. Expecting a prima donna, Jed breaks rule number one of bodyguarding by falling in love with his client. The fake Sharlayne reciprocates, but wonders if Jed loves Alice or her glamorous alter ego? Then again someone is using bombs and a bullet to insure that book never is finished.

TRADING PLACES is not the Ackroyd-Murphy movie. Instead it is a fun to read romantic suspense. Alice is a brave heroine, who finds celebrity status lacking. Though Jed feels like an idiot when he learns just whose body he protects and loves, readers will adore the dolt. The story line is fast paced though the attacks on the fake Sharlayne seems stretched, as exposes are a way of life. Still what makes the novel is the lead couple’s love blossoming even when Alice is Sharlayne.

Harriet Klausner

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