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Book Review: Wild Fire

Reviewed By: Luke Croll - RAM

[4 stars]

Wild Fire     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
Nelson DeMille
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Thriller   Terrorists   FBI
Series: John Corey # 4
Time Warner Books, Nov 2006 416 pages

‘Wild Fire’ is the latest novel to feature wise-cracking, clever and all-round American, John Corey. Corey is still with the Anti-Terrorist Task Force and married to Kate Mayfield, an FBI agent. This time, the two of them face a particularly dangerous adversary when they investigate the disappearance of another agent whilst on surveillance at a remote hunting lodge. Corey has succeeded against terrorists before, but has never faced a nuclear threat to US cities. This time, is the job too big even for him?

John Corey is a character that many readers either love or hate. His wisecracks, his chauvinism, and his general attitude and behaviour prove unappealing to as many readers as find them appealing, particularly given that the novel is told as a first person narrative. I find Corey’s attitude refreshing in a thriller world in which many of the heroes are becoming rather one-dimensional. The interplay with his wife, one of them willing to break the rules and the other always keen to toe the line, also works well and will generate more than a few smiles.

DeMille sets his novel in the aftermath of 9-11 and it appears that a great deal of thinking has gone on. He writes in detail about the effects that the terrorist atrocities had on New Yorkers and indeed, on Americans as a whole. However, by anchoring the book so firmly in reality and in the past, it makes it difficult for current readers to fully believe the story that unfolds in the tale, as we know that the threatened terrorist attacks never materialised. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the action and the quality of the writing. ‘Wild Fire’ is a fast-paced novel that describes a particularly frightening scenario. John Corey does start to grate somewhat by the end of the novel, but apart from this, it is sure to be devoured by thriller readers.

Luke Croll - RAM

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Luke Croll - Conference interpreter and translator

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