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Book Review: Xs

Reviewed By: Pat Reid - RAM

[3 stars]

Xs     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
Louise Gaylord
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Woman Main Character
Series: Allie Armington Mysteries
Little Moose Press, 2005, 267 pps.

Allie picks up the phone in Houston, Texas and hears the voice of her sister Angela in New York requesting $20,000.00 be transferred to her bank account immediately. Angela will offer no explanation. She just insists that Allie transfer the money and do it immediately. Allie does make the transfer but then begins to worry about what trouble her sister Angela has gotten herself into.

Angela is a supermodel in New York and should have no need for money. Allie is working in a law firm dealing in real estate holdings since resigning her job as Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, Texas.

Allie decides to take a leave of absence from the law firm and make a trip to New York to see for herself what is going on with her sister. When she arrives in New York she finds that her sister is in bandages having just had surgery and that Angela’s roommate Caro Montoya has been murdered. Evidently Caro is one of several women killed by a person that leaves a small x on the body as a signature. There is a rumor that Caro has become involved in a drug ring.

Allie decides to stay in New York and try to help the police find Caro’s murderer. Allie sends Angela back to Texas and she stays in New York and pretends to be Angela. The plot that is uncovered is very complicated and sometimes hard to follow but eventually Allie is able to uncover the whole story.

Pat Reid - RAM

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