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Book Review: Wizard's First Rule

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

Wizard's First Rule     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Terry Goodkind
Class/Genre:   Fantasy
Series: Sword of Truth # 1
Tor, Jun 2001, $17.95, 573 pp.

The evil Darken Rahl is succeeding in making a grab to possess the three boxes of Orden in order to control the magic that is contained within them. Darken Rahlís strategic goal is conquering the three kingdoms (Westland, The Midlands, and DíHara) currently separated by a seemingly impenetrable mystic boundary.

To stop Darken Rahl, the wizards send Kahlan Amnell across the barrier to find the "Seeker of Truth" somewhere in Westland where magic is outlawed. She meets Richard Cypher who immediately takes her to his teacher Zedd, who he believes is the great wizard who can identify the Seeker. The last things Richard expected were to fall in love and learn he is the Seeker. With the aid of a wizard and his beloved, Richard must fight Darken. Richard realizes he must use the very weapons that make his foe powerful and malevolent for without them he cannot win, but using them can easily turn him into a darker Darken.

WIZARDíS FIRST RULE is a reprint of the fabulous first tale in Terry Goodkindís "Sword of Truth" saga. The story line remains a powerful epic fantasy that never slows down though like most opening genre books, it leaves threads for the next novel. The characters, especially the "good guys", are engaging as they struggle to contain the evil within themselves from turning them into Darken clones. The WIZARDíS FIRST RULE does not apply to anyone who reads this book because this mesmerizing novel is worth the time and money.

Harriet Klausner

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