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Book Review: Wyatt's Revenge

Reviewed By: Pat Reid - RAM

[4 stars]

Wyatt's Revenge     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
H. Terrell Griffin
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Thriller
Series: Matt Royal Mysteries
Oceanview Publishing Co, 2009, 242 Pages

Bill Lester is a fishing buddy of Matt Royal’s as well as Police Chief of Longboat Key. When Bill stopped by Matt’s residence, it was to bring shocking news. Laurence Wyatt was dead. The death was shocking enough but when Bill explained that Wyatt was murdered execution style, it was difficult for Matt’s mind to process. Matt had a long history with Wyatt from his years in Special Forces. The friendship had carried on after Matt went into the practice of law and Wyatt became a professor of history.

Revenge would not bring Wyatt back but Matt was determined to find the killer and the reason for Wyatt’s death. The killer is not that hard to track down but the big question is who hired him and why.

The hunt takes Matt to Europe and he requests assistance from a friend that he has not seen in years. Matt has the feeling that somehow Wyatt’s death is connected to the Nazi’s that escaped when World War II ended. The book flashes back on the period at the end of World War II and the story of wealth stolen from the Jews during that period.

Matt finds that he is targeted by a party or parties unknown who seem determined that he must die. Matt races against time to find out who hired the hit on Wyatt and who now is determined to end Matt’s life.

Wyatt’s Revenge is an action packed thriller with a look back at the conditions during World War II.

Pat Reid - RAM

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