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Book Review: Witch Honour

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

Witch Honour     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
Narrelle M. Harris
Class/Genre:   Fantasy   Science Fiction
Five Star, Jan 2005, $25.95, 337 pp.

Although she was trained as a doctor, Magda and a shuttle pilot entered a nexus, emerged into another dimension and landed on a planet where magic works although the people are afraid of anyone who demonstrates they have the ability. Magda sets herself up as the healer in the town of Tunston. When Tepheeís mother throws her out for being a witch Magda takes her in and she welcomes Sylvia and Leenan who are also witches.

A troupe of players come to town and two of them Kiedrych and Tamalan served King Armand before he was disposed by his cousin Saebert and his paramour, the evil witch Zuleika. When Sylvia magically touches Zuleika, she realizes the witch has to be killed before she conquers more territory. They find Armand and encourage him to battle Saebertís forces while she and her three witch friends take care of Zuleika.

There are four protagonists in WITCH HONOUR and all of them are treated equally so that readers know their strengths, weaknesses, and fears. Magda never had magic until she landed in this new land but there is something about it that allows it to flourish. Those who have it donít tread an easy path because of the animosity of people who have no magic. Narelle M. Harris has written some fantastic strategy sessions as the allies plot to dispose the usurper. The battle scenes are great and the secondary characters also play a major role in romance and comic relief scenarios.

Harriet Klausner

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