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Book Review: Madison

Reviewed By: Luke Croll - RAM

[3.5 stars]

Madison     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
Sue W. Kramer
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Cats   Cozy
Xlibris, 2001, 300pp.

Les Kearns is Lambertville's fire chief. His neighbourhood is living in fear, since an arsonist is setting fire to home after home. As the fires continue, Les and his wife, Rusty, start to wonder if the culprit, and eventual murderer, could be their best friend?

'Madison' is a novel that will immediately appeal to any lover of cats, who are really the stars of the novel - indeed; the title is even the name of one of them. Kramer spends a great deal time of time describing them and their behaviour and in the end, this starts to detract from the plot as a whole, since in the end, the novel is a thriller and not a book about the exploits and characters of Siamese cats. However, should you be a great fan of cats, the novel will be perfect for you.

Kramer also includes a lot of information about fire fighting and the different types of arsonist that exist. She also includes real information about the Lambertville fire department, where the novel's events take place and where she herself lives. This makes for interesting reading and adds extra depth to this thriller.

As to the plot itself, it is quite slow-paced and Kramer keeps up the suspense until towards the end of the novel. She builds up different suspects and works on the characters that she has created, making an enjoyable and readable novel. This is much more for fans of cozy mysteries than the hard-boiled style, but it is still a well-written and enjoyable book.

Luke Croll - RAM

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Luke Croll - Conference interpreter and translator

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