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Book Review: Butcher's Hill

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

Butcher's Hill     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Laura Lippman
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Woman Main Character
Series: Tess Monaghan # 3
Avon, Jul 1998, $5.99, 275 pp.

Tess Monaghan feels good about switching careers and officially opening up a private investigator's office in a not so nice address in Baltimore. Her first client is Luther Beale, a man who spent time behind bars for shooting a boy who was vandalizing his car. Luther, known as the "Butcher" of Butcher's Hill, hires Tess to locate the kids who witnessed his actions in order to make reparations.

However, the witnesses to the Butcher's crime start getting killed. Tess wonders if she has abetted her client whose reparation might really be revenge. As she investigates what is going on, Tess finds herself butting heads with a system whose victims are the children it allegedly was set up to help.

BUTCHER'S HILL, the third novel in the Monaghan mysteries, proves that three is the charm as it is as good as the superb first two tales (see BALTIMORE BLUES and CHARM CITY). The dialogue, especially on race relations, is some of the most realistic and believable to grace a mystery in years. Tess is a terrific character and the city of Baltimore adds a special flavor as used by the talented Laura Lippman. This trio of novels is top rate, enjoyable literature that fans of female sleuths need to read.

Harriet Klausner

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