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Book Review: Hardly Knew Her

Reviewed By: Pat Reid - RAM

[5 stars]

Hardly Knew Her     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
Laura Lippman
Class/Genre:   Mystery   [Short Stories]
William Morrow, 2008, 292 Pages

Even if you are a reader that doesn’t enjoy reading short stories I think Hardly Knew Her will change your mind. The stories are so good that you will wish you were reading a book instead of just a short story.

I didn’t find even one of the stories that I didn’t like but I did have my favorites. The story of Mona who increased her income by becoming a porn star was intriguing. Mona was not young and this just didn’t seem to be the occupation to take on late in life but the bills must be paid and Mona liked nice things.

The story of Heloise who lives in two different worlds, her public world and her private world. She lives in a world where she has a son and is an outstanding mother. Then there is her business that her son knows nothing about. Heloise runs a very elite dating service. When Heloise’s half-sister gets herself in a bit of a bind it makes for a very entertaining story.

There is a neat introduction written by George Pelecanos. The sections are entitled “Girls Gone Wild”, “Other Cities, Not My Own”, “My Baby Walks the Streets of Baltimore” and “Scratch a Woman”. There is something in Hardly Knew Her for everyone.

Grab a copy and I feel sure you will enjoy it. I know I did.

Pat Reid - RAM

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