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Book Review: In A Strange City

Reviewed By: Jon Jordan - Crime Spree Magazine - RAM

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[5 stars]

In A Strange City     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
Laura Lippman
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Woman Main Character
Series: Tess Monaghan # 6
2001 William Morrow 310 pages/$24.00

After reading this book I feel like I could visit Baltimore and already know my way around. Laura Lippman has an uncanny knack for creating visual scenes that just come alive. I want to go see the cemetery where Poe is buried, I want to visit the little diner they eat at, and I want to go to the Pratt Library. And I want to hang out with Tess and Crow while I do it.

This time around Tess is not actually hired to work a case till late in the book. Someone tries to hire her early on, but she turns them down. However she is curious about the little man and his request, so she does some investigating on her own. The little man wanted to hire Tess to find out who the Poe Toaster is. For those not familiar, the Poe Toaster visits the grave of Edgar Allen Poe every January on the anniversary of his death, and leaves flowers and cognac. The reasons for finding his identity lead to some very interesting places. The whole while giving the reader information about Poe and his ties to Baltimore. It also gets into the whole obsession of collecting, and owning things that you desire. These things of course lead to some murders, and some very interesting circumstances, including some contact with the police, another private investigator, and some strange collectors in Baltimore.

The way this book just keeps moving forward is amazing; I could not put it down. Every time some new information came to light, I was more determined to finish the book in one sitting. And I really love Tess's sense of humor. "It's in the books Michael....." Ha ha ha ha!!!

I highly recommend this book for fans of mystery, Poe, and life in general. Itís truly wonderful.

Jon Jordan - Crime Spree Magazine - RAM

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