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Book Review: Cat's Claw

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[4.5 stars]

Cat's Claw     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
Alex Matthews
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Amateur Sleuth   Psychological Suspense
Series: Cassidy McCabe # 5
Intrigue, Apr 2000, $22.95, 311 pp.

Hotshot investigative reporter Zach Moran currently is working undercover to expose two dirty cops, allegedly selling illegal drugs on the night club circuit. Zach pretends he is a sleazy wannabe dealer seeking a connection to begin his new operation. His performance in this role is so good, his wife Cassidy worries that her husbandís undercover persona is taking over their private life. Although she desperately wants to trust her spouse, she cannot believe Zach will resist the temptations now available to him.

When someone kills the Moranís next door neighbor Olive, Cassidy decides to start her own investigation because she fears the police have arrested the wrong person. The prime suspect is a former con who Cassidy believes deeply cared for the shy Olivia and who would never harm her. Cassidy soon learns that her deceased neighbor kept files on people she felt mistreated her. As Cassidy searches for the truth that she feels is contained inside the files, the killer remains ready to strike at anyone that comes close to uncovering his identity.

In CATíS CLAW, Alex Matthews demonstrates her ability to cross genre lines by combining an exciting mystery with a terrific relationship drama. The combination will appeal to a mainstream audience. The two protagonists are believable because of their obvious love for one another even when they argue. They have grown from previous tales in this series and thus remain fresh and interesting. Animal lovers will salute Ms. Matthews for her well-written subplot on the plight of feral cats. In the final analysis what makes the McCabe series work is Ms. Matthews ability to allow her characters to evolve without changing their inner essence. Readers will eagerly await the next episode in this exciting and lively mystery series

Harriet Klausner

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