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Book Review: Alice in Jeopardy

Reviewed By: Pat Reid - RAM

[1 stars]

Alice in Jeopardy     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
Ed McBain
Class/Genre:   Mystery
Simon & Schuster, 292 pps.

Alice In Jeopardy is the story of Alice Glendenning, a 34-year-old widow, with two children to raise. Aliceís son Jamie has not spoken since his father died. Aliceís husband went for a late night ride on his boat and never returned. Alice is trying to keep her children and her household going until the large amount of insurance she is entitled to is received but the insurance company keeps delaying.

Alice is trying to earn a living by selling real estate but to date has not had much luck with her real estate sales. Aliceís life is turned into turmoil when her two children are kidnapped as they leave school. She is terrified to involve the police since the kidnapper has warned her very strongly that this will result in harm coming to the children.

Aliceís housekeeper takes matters in her own hands and notifies the police herself. When she doesnít see anything on news or TV regarding the kidnapping she then notifies the FBI much to Aliceís dismay.

The book is entertaining but far from one of McBainís best novels. I was left wondering at the end of the book why some of the characters had even been thrown into the plot. I kept thinking that I would understand it all at the end but that just didnít happen.

I will continue to read Ed McBainís books but do not feel I can really recommend this one.

Pat Reid - RAM

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