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Book Review: Move to Strike

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

Move to Strike     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
Perri O'Shaughnessy
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Legal Setting   Woman Main Character
Series: Nina Reilly # 6
Delacorte, Aug 2000, $23.95, 321 pp.
ISBN: 0385332777

Nina Reilly remains grieving the loss of her husband seven months ago and though she feels the killer may return, she knows she and her son Ben must get on with their lives. Insomnia plagues her so she heads into the desert seeking peace. One night while wandering out there, she sees a plane followed by a flash of light as the aircraft obviously exploded.

At approximately the same time as the crash, someone murders plastic surgeon Bill Sykes using a sword from the doctor’s collection. The police arrest the victim’s niece teenager Nikki Zack, a friend of Ben, for the killing. Ben persuades his mother to represent Nikki in court. Nikki was near her uncle when an unknown person killed him. She hid in the bushes by the nearby swimming pool until it was safe to leave. However, she left her blood at the scene. Nikki’s cousin died in the plane incident, leaving Nina believing a tie exists between the two events.

Perri O’Shaugnessy is a fantastic writer of action-packed legal thrillers that allows the non-attorney to understand the legalese while enjoying an exciting tale. In MOVE TO STRIKE, the suspects seem endless as each one has a powerful reason for killing the doctor. Nina is a superb character whose basic honesty and goodness make for a strong individual, but whose flaws make for a real and likable person. Fans of Nancy Taylor Rosenberg will not want to miss this winner.

Harriet Klausner

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