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Book Review: Dangerous Dilemmas

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

Dangerous Dilemmas     Amazon US TPB Amazon Canada TPB
Evelyn Palfrey
Class/Genre:   Romance
Sonnet, Jun 2001, $12.95

Near Lake Wright Pattman, Texas, after approximately a quarter of a century of marriage and two children, Audrey Williams catches her spouse Sam cheating. Perhaps she could have handled it better if the other party was a younger, taller, blonder sex goddess, but Samís boudoir mate is his older legal partner, Paul, leaving Audrey to wonder how long has this been going on? The marriage is over and Audrey vows never again. However, that sexual encounter pales next to the fact that her son Malcolm stands trial for murder in Houston.

With numerous witnesses attesting to the fact that Malcolm heold the murder weapon, Police Officer Kirk Maxwell arrested him. When Kirk sees Audrey for the first time he realizes that she is on the edge of a breakdown just like he felt when his beloved spouse died. Perhaps observing her courage enables Kirk to finally let go of his own ghosts, but with Malcolm in the middle, chances of her reaching out to him are slim in spite of their obvious attraction to one another.

DANGEROUS DILEMMAS is a powerful romantic suspense novel that works because the key cast members seem authentic and the scenario confronting Malcolm feels real. Evelyn Palfrey cleverly introduces ethnicity through indirect means so that the plot is enhanced rather than slowed down with an explanation. The story line is loaded with action and emotion from start to finish (just ask Audrey if there is any doubts). Evelyn Palfrey has written a wonderful tale that will excite sub-genre fans to become loyal followers of this writer and her career.

Harriet Klausner

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