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Book Review: Roses are Red

Reviewed By: Luke Croll - RAM

[3.5 stars]

Roses are Red     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
James Patterson
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Thriller   Police Procedural
Series: Alex Cross # 6
Headline; 2000; 16.99; pp 307
Classification: Adult fiction (thriller)

When a series of bank robberies in Washington, D.C. culminate in murder, Alex Cross is called in. He soon finds himself locked in a battle of wits against a cunning killer who calls himself the Mastermind. Can Cross bring him down?

In his latest novel, Patterson has given the reader a gripping plot. 'Roses Are Red' is easy to read and you will speed through the pages. He sticks to his trademark of short chapters, often as short a single page and this increases the ease of reading. Indeed, you can probably read 'Roses Are Red' in two, if not one, sittings.

However, the ending, with the revelation of the identity of the Mastermind is somewhat disappointing and hard to believe. It seemed weak, which is the same trap that Patterson fell into before with 'Pop Goes The Weasel'. It seems that he is trying to shock the reader, and indeed the Mastermind's identity is a total surprise, but it is hard to conceive it as possible.

If you can tolerate the ending, then there is no reason why you should not enjoy Patterson's newest book. His story-telling talent is clearly increasing with each book and he still manages to find new things to do with Alex Cross - the character has not yet reached the end of the road. It will, no doubt, appeal to all of his fans and thriller reader alike, but the ending will always be a small thorn in its side

Luke Croll - RAM

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Luke Croll - Conference interpreter and translator

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