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Book Review: Secret Fantasy

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

Secret Fantasy     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Carly Phillips
Class/Genre:   Romance
Harlequin, Jun 2001, $3.99, 215 pp.

Chicago Tribune reporter Doug Houston comes to Fantasy, Inc. to allegedly atone for a story he wrote based on a tip from a girlfriend that proved false. He believes the reason Juliette "The Runaway Bride" Stanton jilted her fiancé is because she found out Stuart Barnes was money laundering. However , it turns out he has no real proof and his reputation is on the line. He tells Merrilee Schaefer-Weston that he needs to make it up to Juliette. Merrilee accepts him as a client because she sees the opportunity for Doug to learn that humans make mistakes and still can share a happy ever after.

Juliette, daughter of a senator, flees to the Florida Keys Fantasy Island to escape the relentless grilling of the media who want to know why she dumped Stuart just before the ceremony. Doug lied to Merrilee as he believes Juliette knows that Stuart is involved in illegal activities and that she can clear the reporter’s reputation. However, on the Key, Juliette and Doug begin to fall in love, but he surely is only using her for his own gain.

The second tale in the Fantasies, Inc. series holds up against the strong debut story (see SEDUCTIVE FANTASY by Janelle Denison). By doing so, Carly Phillips places geometrically increased pressure on the next author Julie Kenner to keep the quality level high. The story line is heated entertainment as the lead characters come to the Keys with their own needs, but leave with much more just as readers will too due to Juliette hooking the audience and even that rat Doug gains empathy. This passionate temptation will not stay secret as fans will relish the second trip to fantasy island.

Harriet Klausner

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