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Book Review: The Golden Compass

Reviewed By: Jennifer Jordan

[5 stars]

The Golden Compass     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
Philip Pullman
Class/Genre:   Fantasy   Young Adult   Young Adult
Series: His Dark Materials # 1
1999, Del Rey Young Adult /Fantasy- 351 pages

I enjoyed this book so much that I was sad when I finished it. Sad because it was over, because I didn't have the next in the series in my hands and sad because, once again, I'd stayed up all night reading. I dearly wish this book had been in existence when I was eleven or twelve. I'm very grateful it is in existence now.

This story is a labyrinthine made up of magic, theology, physics, loyal allies and conniving enemies. We accompany Lyra Belacqua, a quick-witted, street-wise orphan, as she unwittingly begins an adventure that begins in the confines her home of Jordan College in Oxford. But, this is not the Oxford we know. Lyra and her daemon, for in this universe every human has a physical manifestation of their soul that never strays far from their side, will soon have their world turned upside down. Her high-spirited hijinx end up saving the life of her illustrious uncle, Lord Asriel, and she overhears a secret meeting about something called "Dust". It is then that she and her precious daemon, Pantalaimon, are thrown into the middle of the melee of gyptians, witches, armored bears and the child-stealing Gobblers. Lyra doesn't know whom to trust anymore. All she does know is that she must head north, to her uncle and the mysterious dust. And she mustn't lose the odd, golden instrument entrusted to her as her adventure awaits.

This book transcends age groups, genres and time as well as universes. It takes the reader on a full gambit of emotions from joy and terror, to wonderment and loss. The sense of honor and loyalty in Lyra breathes life into the this treasure and you will be well rewarded by the telling of her tale.

Jennifer Jordan

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