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Book Review: The Devil's Right Hand

Reviewed By: Pat Reid - RAM

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[5 stars]

The Devil's Right Hand     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
J. D. Rhoades
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Thriller   Hard Boiled
Series: Jack Keller # 1
St Martinís Minotaur, 2005, 274 pps

The Devilís Right Hand introduces the reader to Jack Keller, a Gulf war veteran and a bail bondsman who is a bail jumperís worst nightmare. Jack is trying to live in the present while fighting nightmares from his Gulf war days. He is employed by H&H Bail Bonds owned by a beautiful though scarred Angela Hager who had survived her own nightmare brought about by an abusive husband.

Jackís current assignment is to bring in DeWayne Puryear who failed to appear on a B&E charge. Before Jack can catch up with DeWayne, DeWayne along with his cousin Leonard are involved in the robbery of an old man that paid his Mexican help in cash every week but the robbery went wrong and the man was killed.

Raymond Oxendine, owner of a nightclub and local drug deal, is the son of the man killed in the robbery and swears revenge on the killers.

Jack meets many people in his quest to find DeWayne including Leonardís sister Crystal, a couple of crooked police officers, a very beautiful lady police officer and Columbia drug dealers. Bodies litter the path and violence is around every corner. DeWayne makes so many mistakes that you canít help but feel a little sorry for him even though he is a murderer.

Thereís a surprise twist to the end of the story and a little romance thrown in. It would have been great when I finished this book if I could have picked up the next Jack Keller novel and see what excitement is in store for Jack and his friends.

Pat Reid - RAM

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