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Book Review: The Devil's Right Hand

Reviewed By: Gina Metz - RAM

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[5 stars]

The Devil's Right Hand     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
J. D. Rhoades
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Thriller   Hard Boiled
Series: Jack Keller # 1
St. Martinís Minotaur; 2005; 274pp

The Devilís Right Hand is the story of Jack Keller, who tracks bail jumpers for H & H Bonding Company. Jack suffers nightmares from posttraumatic shock syndrome after a stint in Desert Storm. His boss Angela is a woman who is also severely scarred by her past. His latest bail jumper is DeWayne Puryear out on bond on a burglary charge.

However, DeWayne and his cousin, Leonard are a pair of losers that have managed to get themselves in a bit more trouble than Jack is aware of. They have killed an older Indian man in the process of robbing him. Now, the Indianís son, Raymond, who happens to be a drug dealer and his brother, are out to avenge the death of their father.

All kinds of trouble breaks loose when they all converge on Fayetteville, North Carolina and the police get involved to boot. This was a very fast paced wonderful thriller. A great first novel by J. D. Rhoades. I cannot wait until his next book comes out and would highly recommend this book to others.

Gina Metz - RAM

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