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Book Review: Fox River

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

Fox River     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Emilie Richards
Class/Genre:   Mystery
Mira, Jun 2001, $6.99, 512 pp.

Artist Julia Warwick falls from a horse, resulting in the loss of her eyesight. Doctors find nothing physically wrong with Julia. They conclude that she suffers from hysterical blindness though no one knows what psychologically caused this. Julia's mother brings her twenty-nine year old daughter home to Ridge's Race, Virginia to heal. At about the same time, Julia's former lover, wrongly convicted Christian Carve, is released from prison. Reluctantly, he goes home where employment awaits him. Christian wonders who really killed Fidelity, the homicide he was incarcerated for, and why did Julia desert him. He soon wonders who sired her nine-year-old daughter. As Christian and Julia "see" each other for the first time since his trial, the sparks erupt, but too many crisis have befallen them for any hope of a future together. FOX RIVER is a superb drama that works because the plight of Julia and the anguish of Christian seem so real. The story line is exciting and never slows down even when Julia's mother provides excerpts from the novel she is writing. In fact, those sidebars actually add depth and propel the plot forward. Emilie Richards shows why readers appreciate her works with this powerful tale that focuses on people in crisis.

Harriet Klausner

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