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Book Review: The Next Ex

Reviewed By: Pat Reid - RAM

[4 stars]

The Next Ex     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Linda L. Richards
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Romance   Romantic Suspense   Woman Main Character   Amateur Sleuth
Series: Madeline Carter # 2
Mira Books, 2005, 377 pps.

Mad Money introduced Madeline Carter, a stockbroker who had given up her career in New York and moved to Los Angeles. In The Next Ex Madeline is still living in a small apartment at the home of Tyler Beckett and his wife Tasha Saronova. Tyler is a director and Tasha is an actress. Madeline has been content in her new home and Tyler and Tasha have introduced her to a world of celebrities.

Then Tyler asks Madeline to do him a favor and teach the wife of Maxi Livingston about the stock market. Madeline was not at all excited about the project but she didnít feel that she could turn Tyler down. She agreed to do it on the condition that Tyler do a little remodeling of her apartment and Tyler was more than happy to agree.

Neither realized that a little thing like this could be a start on the road to disaster. Keesia Livingston turned out to be a very intelligent woman that Madeline immediately took a liking to and Madeline found it amazing to see the inside of the mansion the Livingstonís called home.

When Madeline accepted an invitation to the party Keesia was giving she invited her friend Emily who was just getting started in the movie world. Emily was excited to be included and had to find the perfect outfit for both of them to wear to the party. When the party day arrived it seemed that all of Maxi Livingstonís ex-wifeís put in an appearance at the party. But Keesia was not to survive her party and soon the other ex-wifeís were being threatened.

Madeline was thrown into the middle of an investigation and soon was in danger herself.

Madeline finds a new romantic interest, a secret garden and long buried secrets in The Next Ex. Donít miss it.

Pat Reid - RAM

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