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Book Review: The Devil Went Down to Austin

Reviewed By: Jon Jordan - Crime Spree Magazine - RAM

The Devil Went Down to Austin     Amazon US PB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada PB Amazon Canada HC
Rick Riordan
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Private Investigator   Academic   Ethnic
Series: Tres Navarre # 4
2001, Bantam 319 pages/ $23.95

I read this book just before leaving for Austin. And it truly made my trip better. I spotted things from the book, and I have to say that Riordan captured the feel of this city wonderfully. He manages to describe things so well that the images in my head were vivid and real. And, as luck would have it, he is that good at writing characters as well.

In this book, Tres discovers that his Brother Garret has taken a loan against the family ranch, and that it is about to be lost. Naturally Tres is a bit annoyed with Garret and he leaves for Austin to find out whatís going on. As it happens, Garret has quit his job as a computer programmer and started his own company with two other people. And the company is in trouble. And before long Garret is in trouble as well. One of his partners is dead and it looks like Garret may have done it. Now we know as well as Tres that Garret probably didnít do it...... right? Or did he? We follow Tres as he tries to find out. We also start to really learn about his brother Garret as well.

This book moved fast and furious, and had the punch of a good hot sauce on enchiladas. I think itís the best of the series so far. But I hope Riordan writes more and proves me wrong!

Jon Jordan - Crime Spree Magazine - RAM

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