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Book Review: Dance Upon the Air

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

Dance Upon the Air     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Nora Roberts
Class/Genre:   Romance   Romantic Suspense   Magic   Witchcraft
Series: Three Sisters Island # 1
Jove, Jun 2001, $7.99, 386 pp.

In California, Evan Remingtom often informed his wife Helen that the only way she will leave him is in a coffin. Helen remained with her wealthy husband until she concluded that his abuse was heading towards completing his prophecy. Knowing she must flee, Helen faked her death and changed her identity to Nell Channing.

Eight months later and owning about two hundred dollars, Nell settles on Three Sisters Island off the Massachusetts coast. She feels an affinity to a cafť-book store owned by Mia Devlin and quickly obtains the job as cook, mostly because she can make cappuccino. Mia, a witch, believes Nell is a descendent of the islandís three founders who fled to here to escape the Salem trials. Sheriff Zack Todd begins drinking a lot of coffee as he tries to penetrate Nellís wary visage in order to explore their attraction. However, a tourist recognizes Nell, making it obvious that Evan is coming.

DANCE UPON THE AIR shows why the incomparable Nora needs no second name for romance readers to realize that another distinctive book is available for quality reading. Her latest tale, DANCE UPON THE AIR, will have the audience dance upon the ceiling with elation because the novel is fabulous. The story line is exciting as it contains magic (love and witchcraft) and suspense. The characters ring authentic especially Nell who fears even the kind love offered by Zack. Readers and reviewers, at least this one, will anxiously await books two and three in Ms. Robertís Three Sisters Island Trilogy (stories of Mia and Zack's sister Ripley).

Harriet Klausner

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