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Book Review: White Darkness

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

White Darkness     Amazon US HC Amazon Canada HC
Steven D. Salinger
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Ethnic   Thriller
Crown, Jun 2001, $24.00, 368 pp.

The Brooklyn jewelry store once was exclusive during his father's ownership, but now after a decade of trying Moe Rosen knows he is nearing financial failure. However, every morning he arrives at his store in the changing neighborhood, but now he mostly sells junk. While unlocking his door, he notices a man coming towards his neighbor Miz Ark, owner of a restaurant he has never visited. The man attacks Miz Ark so Moe, ignoring the voice of his father inside his head, rescues the woman. Though Miz Ark is injured, Moe is a hero among the Haitian population that frequents her restaurant. They begin showing up at his store making purchases and he starts to go next door to eat. Moe even takes out a waitress (from Queens). Moe is unaware that his action of interceding leads to fulfillment for the first time since he returned home from California, but danger that started in Haiti has flowed into the streets of Brooklyn. WHITE DARKNESS is an exciting urban thriller that provides readers a glimpse of Haitian beliefs, which still hold sway even in Brooklyn. The story line works because the key cast seem genuine, the romance real, and the voodoo and related beliefs intermingle and propel the plot to a rousing finish. Different and refreshing, Steven D. Salinger provides a thrilling tale that will send readers (including this reviewer) seeking his previous work, BEHOLD THE FIRE.

Harriet Klausner

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