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Book Review: Awaken, My Love

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[4.5 stars]

Awaken, My Love     Amazon US TPB Amazon Canada TPB
Robin Schone
Class/Genre:   Romance
Kensington, Jun 2001, $15.00, 342 pp.

Nearing forty, systems analyst Elaine Metcliffe wonders if that is all there is to life as she struggles with her "scheduled" marriage. However, when she awakens in her icy room, Elaine sees and hears a thick accented hag who she cannot fully comprehend screaming at her to get out of bed. She wonders who this elderly crone lecturing her on the devil's behavior is.

Elaine realizes that she has traveled back to 1883 Dorset, England to occupy the body of Morrigan, spouse of Lord Charles Mortimer. Elaine has many questions on her mind, especially why and how, but also how come her host body remains a virgin after one year of marriage. She also refuses to accept the intimidating tactics of the discourteous servant or her "husband". Charles wonders what is going on when she takes her first bath in their year of marital "bliss" and uses the wrong hand. He sees a suddenly aggressive Morrigan and begins a sensual assault by employing the sexual tricks of a master. As they begin to fall in love the real Morrigan returns threatening to destroy Elaine and Charles’ happiness.

This author’s edition is a reprint with major changes made, virtually making it a new book. This well-written erotic romance will arouse the passion of sub-genre fans. The sensual story line of AWAKEN, MY LOVE is filled with sexually graphic scenes that enhance a time travel romance. The lead couple belongs together (in and out of bed) while the real Morrigan provides a counterpoint to their relationship. Robin Schone shines as she makes an already alluring tale into an even more compassionate, complete plot, sending fans in search of the sex guide "Tantric tradition".

Harriet Klausner

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