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Book Review: Sex And The Serial Killer

Reviewed By: Carol - SLC - RAM

[4 stars]

Sex And The Serial Killer     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Jennifer Skully
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Romance   Romantic Suspense   Serial Killer   Amateur Sleuth
HQN Books, 2005, 368 pages, $6.50

Prim and proper accountant Roberta Jones Spivey, nee Bobbie Jones, uses the Internet to help her troubled husband, Warren, find his old high-school sweetheart, Cookie -- never imagining that once he found her, he would never return home. In an attempt to get back some of her dignity and also make her husband regret leaving, she changes her hair, her wardrobe, and even her attitude, and awakens the funny and passionate woman who has been hiding deep inside her for years. Risking everything, she quits the job she hates and follows after her husband to the quaint little town of Cottonmouth. As is true of many small towns, Cottonmouth is rife with busybodies and more than enough sensational rumors whirling about to keep everyone occupied. In addition to a suspected serial killer, it also has its own femme fatale, none other than Cookie Beaumont, the same woman who lured Warren Spivey away from his hearth and home.

I found the plot wonderfully complex, with just the right amount of twists to keep the reader guessing constantly. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and everything else about the book, with the sole exception of a couple of instances where it denigrated into what I consider the typical soft porn of a typical Harlequin Romance novel. Skipping over these pages didnít affect the storyline or my enjoyment of the novel as a whole.

Carol - SLC - RAM

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