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Book Review: His Child or Hers?

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

His Child or Hers?     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Dawn Stewardson
Class/Genre:   Romance
Harlequin, June 2001, $4.50, 297 pp.

The earthquake devastated Guatemala four months ago, but Dr. Natalie Lawson just left the hospital after suffering severe injuries. Her husband Carlos died during the quake while the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage cared for their baby Benjamin. When Natalie arrives to pick up her beloved Benjamin, she learns he is gone, having been adopted by mistake.

A few years later, private investigators find Benjamin living in New Jersey with his adoptive father NYPD detective Hank Ballantyne. Now called Robbie, Natalie wants her baby back, but admits that Hank has done a great job raising her son. Natalie introduces herself to Hank with concrete evidence that she is the biological mother of his son and both agree on doing what is best for Robbie. As they struggle with whatever that is, love offers a long-term solution that could satisfy everyone’s desires.

HIS CHILD OR HERS? is a powerful "Count on a Cop" tale that showcases the myriad of relationships that can encompass love. The story line is exhilarating as the two adults struggle with the attraction between them and what is best for the show stopping Robbie. The return of the likable Hank (see partner to the star of THE MAN BEHIND THE BADGE) and the debut appearance of the caring Natalie make for an easy fan decision, as Dawn Stewardson provides readers with an emotional heartbanger.

Harriet Klausner

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