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Book Review: Cold Quarry

Reviewed By: Dawn Dowdle

[5 stars]

Cold Quarry     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Andy Straka
Class/Genre:   Mystery   Private Investigator
Series: Frank Pavlicek
2003, 288 pages

Frank Pavlicek, a P.I. in Charlottesville, Virginia, goes to nearby West Virginia because his friend Chester Carew has been found dead on his property. Chester had been out hunting with his falcon Elo. Now Elo is missing and Chester is dead. The police think it was a hunting accident. Frank and his friend Jake Toronto don't believe that. They begin investigating.

Frank finds the police constantly telling him to go home to Charlottesville and leave the investigating to them, but he isn't convinced they are looking in the right places.

Frank's daughter Nicole, a college student who is working with him in the office, wants to help with the investigation. Frank sends her back to Charlottesville to do some work in the office. She is not pleased with this, but does it. Frank isn't sure how he ever ran the office without her.

As Frank investigates, he finds himself getting deeper and deeper. Jake ends up getting himself in trouble with the law. Could they be dealing with terrorists or just the local radicals? Who can they trust? In the end Jake and Frank are both in danger.

The author has created great characters and the falcon hunting really adds to the story. I enjoy this series because it is often set in Virginia where I am living. I like the mystery about Jake. It really adds to the story. I hope in future books that Frank is able to have a healthy love relationship. I like Nicole working with Frank. I think this adds to the story. I hope she becomes more involved over time.

The story goes so many different directions it is difficult to figure out who the killer is and why. I like the way he crafts his stories.

I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle

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