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Book Review: The Shadowmancer Returns: The Curse of Salamander Street

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[5 stars]

The Shadowmancer Returns: The Curse of Salamander Street     Amazon US TPB Amazon US HC Amazon Canada TPB Amazon Canada HC
G. P. Taylor
Class/Genre:   Fantasy   Science Fiction   Religious Fiction   Historical   Juvenile   Young Adult
Putnam, May 2007, $17.99, 256 pp.

In 1752 England Obadiah Demurral continues his quest to conquer heaven in order to rule on earth. Three children (Raphah, Thomas and Kate) with the help of the angel Raphael thwart his last efforts, but he is not finished. The three children travel to London aboard pirate Jacob Crane’s ship, who has become a believer. He is taking his previous cargo to Salamander Street, supposedly a place of safety from Demurral.

Raphah gets separated from the others when he falls overboard. When Beadle, Demurral former slave happens upon a beach he sees a whale and out of his mouth comes Raphah. They head to London together. Meanwhile Crane, Kate, and Thomas reach London but officials board the ship and confiscate his cargo and inform him that Demurral sent word ahead that Crane kidnapped the children and stole something precious from him. When they reach the inn on Salamander Street Galphus takes Thomas to his factory and forces him to sign indenture papers. Later Kate is taken to Galphus’s factory as a prisoner. Crane eventually is captured as well. They are waiting for Demurral to reach them as Galphus is his minion as good and evil clash for the souls of the children and their allies.

This dark fantasy grips readers with its good vs. evil war on earth in which Demurral seems more powerful than even the angel Raphael. The story line is action-packed never slowing down in its epic battle on the streets of eighteenth century London, yet the key players are fully developed so that the audience understands motives (some altruistic to save the world; others ambitious to rule the world). G.P. Taylor provides a wonderful fantasy with a religious theme that readers of all ages will appreciate.

Harriet Klausner

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