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Book Review: Pentangle

Reviewed By: Harriet Klausner

[4 stars]

Pentangle     Amazon US PB Amazon Canada PB
Susan Vaughan
Class/Genre:   Romance   Occult   Young Adult
Starlight, Aug 2000, 162 pp.

Being in foster care means living out of a suitcase as high school student Jessica Cannaan learns. Her latest trek has her social worker moving Jessica to the home of Myra Lucerne in Alderport, Maine. All her travels to new homes have taught the orphan not to become attached to anyone regardless of how nice they are because in time the state will move you. Regardless of locale, Jessica suffers nightmares caused by the fiery death of her mother. To escape her tragic past, Jessica clings to a locket containing a picture of her mother and writes stories about Princess Jasryle.

Jessica makes “friends” with two radically different boys her age. However, of the two, it is Derek who attracts her. She also meets Derek’s deranged scientist of a brother. In her current temporary lodging, Jessica finds evidence of the occult. Near the Lucerne home, Jessica finds a cult-like locale inside a stone circle. Contained within is a blood-stained altar that appears to have been recently used. Derek turns out to be a cult leader who wants Jessica to join his circle that plans to sacrifice a small child, forcing Jessica to confront her fears vs. her desire.

PENTANGLE is an entertaining young adult occult tale. The story line is fun to read because most of the charcaters seem genuine. Jessica is a warm individual struggling with her deepest nightmares even as she performs heroic, dangerous feats. Derek is a dangerous charmer although his role in the cult seems stretched. The other teen Ham appears more like a high school student. Susan Vaughan provides her audience with an entertaining novel that provides enormous pleasure to sub-genre fans.

Harriet Klausner

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