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SF and Fantasy Authors [A]

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Symbol legend is at bottom
Ben Aaronovitch [1997]
Lynn Abbey [2005]
Joe Abercrombie [2008]
Dan Abnett [2010]
Justin Achilli [2003]
[paw] Danielle Ackley-McPhail [2007]
Benjamin Adams [2002]
Douglas Adams [2004]
Richard Adams [2002]
Robert Adams [1990]
Scott Charles Adams [1999]
Jack Adrian [2002]
Ann Aguirre [2009]
Jerry Ahern [2004]
Sharon Ahern [2004]
Joan Aiken [2005]
Lewis R. Aiken
Pauline J. Alama [2002]
Brian W. Aldiss [2003]
Alma Alexander [2005]
Brandon Alexander [2000]
Skye Alexander [2004]
Margaret Allan [2002]
Roger MacBride Allen [2003]
Vergie Allen [1995]
Aaron Allston [2010]
Anthony Alongi [2007]
Steve Alten [2009]
Steven-Elliot Altman [2003]
Laura Marie Altom [2004]
Chris Amies [2001]
Lou Anders [2003]
Jessica S. Andersen [2009]
Chris Anderson [2001]
Douglas A. Anderson [2003]
Garthia Anderson [2003]
Karen Anderson [1996]
Kevin J. Anderson [2009]
Poul Anderson [2003]
Austen Andrews [2002]
Ilona Andrews [2009]
Vivi Anna [2007]
Mark Anthony [2004]
Patricia Anthony [2000]
[paw] Piers Anthony [2003]
Christopher Anvil [2004]
Nathan Archer [1999]
Kelley Armstrong [2010]
Eleanor Arnason [1993]
Keri Arthur [2006]
Catherine Asaro [2006]
Sarah Ash [2004]
Neal Asher [2004]
Amanda Ashley [2004]
Mike Ashley [2004]
Pauline Ashwell [1995]
[paw] Isaac Asimov [1997]
Nancy Asire [2005]
Pierce Askegren [2005]
[paw] Robert Lynn Asprin [2009]
Philip Athans [2006]
A. A. Attanasio [2001]
Margaret Eleanor Atwood [2003]
J. D. Austin [2001]
Louise Rose Aveni [2008]
Fiona Avery [2005]
Richard Avery [1976]
Avi [2001]
James Axler [2004]

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[New Author] = New Author
[UPDATED] = Updated Author
[paw] = webspinner favorite
[Star] = David's favorite
[2010] - Latest year for which Author has books released or reprinted. Please note that an older book being reprinted will set this value so it does NOT always mean that there is a book with this copyright year.
Note:  If an author's name is not marked with a [paw] or [Star] it does not mean we dislike them... The marked authors are simply some of our favorites...
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